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Friday, November 16, 2007

Wine, Dine & FIne Women!

Just to get this Nokia Nseries on the way, I'm hosting a mini podcast series.Checkout & Click the Link below or on the Side bar!!!
Nokia Nseries 14 Days
Well this week has been one of
Events, Women, Drinks and Concerts...
Tuesday hit the Linkin' Park concert in the Indoor Stadium and it was AMAZING! Chester is a bloody wicked singer and he maintained his singing throughout the whole concert which I was Skeptical about.
Verdict of Proven Wrong!
I have also never seen the Indoor stadium so completely jammed like a donut before. It was like the whole of Singapore turned up for this concert and there were certainly some odd looking characters and a variety of Demographics! Well i guess they really do appeal to AnyWhoHah...
After the concert we were in a head rush and the G's & Co. and Me all head to some random Katong Pub, to drink some, Play pool and Stuff our faces with the oiliest chicken parts, deep fried and served, but Hella Good.
So much so of a head rush, none of us Even closed any of the windows in the car and when we got back , we were in quite of bit of a shock, Thank God Nothing was taken. What fools!

Wednesday was meant to be an Easy breezy night! Hah, well talk about mishaps and unfortunate events. The DOND girls had a press conference with the media and a few of us went to go Eat at Tanglin club and catch up and dine on some simple food and what not, was great to be out with the Girls talking chatting and gossiping. Some sense of freedom there!
Later on in the night went to Casa Z for dinner and then down to Attica for some "QUIET" Drinks.
Then the Jaeger bombs appeared, Champs and the Belvedere was found and the rest was history, especially with some Drama with Exes and what not appearing and bouncers and mini spats-heh-whats life without some drama huh? Ended up sleeping in after getting back at 4.30am, looking at some property with the G's, aimlessly walking around Vivo being distracted every now and again by random shops and items and finally eating!

Last Night was more of a simple affair at Le Noir, with a mini gathering of Guy and Girls Models from DOND and other areas and having a chat and drink. Some later carried on off to MOS which I haven't been in Yonks and Me and Last seasons No 3 Natalie Foster having a quiet chat and food at the Satay Club. She was by the way runner up for The New Face this year and will be in 50 Most gorgeous People which is coming up soon , so please do support her!!!!
Here's the Link: and she's F16!!!!!

Tonight I'm hitting the Veuve Cliquot party down at Red Dot Museum, so quality champs on free flow!!! So you know I love my champs baby!!! and Andrea will be hosting the event so I'll have New DOND No:7 Alessia with me!!!

Okay well i shall leave your eyes to rest and post other pictures where you won't have to strain to hard!!!!


Lunch with The Ladies

Le Noir - Models Sunglasses party


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