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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Can't Get Enough of Halloween!

We certainly can't get enough of Halloween!!! SAturday was a Harajuku themed Party over at Tara and Rich's which went down well and was pretty much a hilarious time with the costume section!

For one, I think I kind of stuck to the Harajuku Messy Look, with layers and accessories and Tara as well, with her awesome authentic Japanese Outfit.....But the Boys....well, ahahah it leaves little to the imagination because they certainly were Most Random. The Day before I was at the costume shop with them and they sepnt more time messing around laughing so in the end they grabbed the most random costumes and walked out with 2 big bags.Probably the best way to do things!

Went early to Tara's and set up the place for the guests and was REally amazed how $700 was in 5 , unfilled plastic shopping bags! So place was decorated with lanterns and glitter and snacks!!! When the time came we had a bunch of fun getting ready and then I tried with guys help to to Gordy's hair in spikes, but we got 1 and figured it aint helping with amount of hairspray and Gel we used. With Rich's it was just a tonne of hairspray and lots of back combing as you'll see in the pictures later!

Lot's of alcohol, dip and people later, I had some really intense and random conversations with an assortment of people much like the bowl of jelly beans they bought! Was interesting and ofcourse as the night wore on,it became slightly more vague and giggly!
So'll leave you to the Pics:

the END
ErialC aka Claire-Louise


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