GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Boys, Sex and the City and ... Milo?


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Friday, November 30, 2007

Boys, Sex and the City and ... Milo?

This Insert was taken from the Mediacorp website, from our press conference, for the full interview go to :

November 16, 2007, 9:29am

Poised and prim on the Deal Or No Deal set, the briefcase girls are all giggles and high voices off-set, especially when we get them chatting about their favourite topics: boys, TV shows and food (yes, models do eat!).

Text: Juliana June Rasul
Photos, Videos and Video Editing: Bernice Hoh

Don't let all that demure smiling on Deal Or No Deal fool you into thinking that the briefcase girls are quiet.

Not by a long shot.

When we caught up with the 26 lovely ladies from the second season of the show, we pretty much just asked questions and then sat back and let them giggle, bicker and run the show. Since they were in a chatty mood, we decided to take the opportunity to get to know a bit about how things really work on the show.

Talk is (not) overrated
One of the things the girls get really excited about is getting their 15 seconds of fame when host Adrian Pang asks them a question.

Although No. 11 girl Claire said they prepare beforehand, sometimes, they do get flustered. Said No. 4 girl Aimee: "Your heart drops! It's really bad if you're the first one to speak, because you go 'Hah?' and sometimes you even forget the contestant's name!"

How do they get gorgeous?
No, this is not the place to find out whether or not the girls look like gargoyles before getting in the make-up chair.

As the girls determinedly told us, the (admittedly heavy) make-up they wear for the show, photoshoots and interviews merely "enhances" their features. "I mean, the producers know what we look like, and they picked us for a reason!" said No. 18 babe Lutfiah.

Sexy girls watch sexy shows
The girls like to tell us that "it's not such an easy job" posing pretty and toting a briefcase. So we asked them - what exactly happens when you shoot an episode?

"We eat - a lot," said No. 2 hottie Gayle. "We love Milo."

It's raining men!
Claire thinks the hunks are sizzling
Aside from eating and tube-watching, the girls have another favourite pastime - and it's not surprising that it revolves around the opposite sex.

Listening to them talk about the hunks who will be featured in two special epsiodes on this season (pictures of which will come soon on the official website) was like sitting in on a very rowdy game of bingo.


The girls were yelling numbers all over the place, when asked to choose their top hunks. Although we won't reveal too much at this stage, we will say that Hunk No. 2 has a sexy British accent and Hunk No. 10 is has some really great modelling genes. No. 3 was also mentioned quite a few times, but the girls won't put their hands on him since - gossip alert! - he already seems to be pretty close to one of the girls in the first row.

Unfortunately for the babes, they didn't get to spend too much time with the boys. Although they sat in the audience for the two-episode hunk specials, No. 13 Farhana said she was warned not to go near them.

Someone piped up: "Maybe it's because you're scary?"

After a pause, Farhana said, "Yeah hor?"

Claire-Louise Jedrek


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