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Friday, December 15, 2006


Me and Borat!!!

Spent 4hours yesterday in the Natural History Museum yesterday and an hour or so in Victoria and Albert Museum next door to it and walked all the way down Kingsbridge to where Harrods was, before it got dark at 4pm and we headed off back to his 'aunts' place.

Ken was in awe of the beautifully carved museums as you know Singapore doesn't hole that many centuries of History. I'm so glad he finally got to see the beauty of the buildings and what was held in side, the treasures of our Beginnings on this earth.


Cats and Barbara Streisand aka A Moose

Ken looking @REdwood and fav. statue of Eve

Amazingly we only spent around £10 ($30) on some food and today's quick lunch.Today we are staying the whole day in as we're invited to make our way down to a Rave/party in the East of London in a place called The Public place or osmething apparently an old converted (victorian?) public toilet in to a club venue, sounds dodgy and highly interesting. Thing is the party starts at 1AMthru'out the early morning till 9am, hence we have helped wrap x'mas prezzies and watched TV. Will catch extra naps of sleep in prep for tonight, because transport only starts at 7am,so we have to be there for atleast 7hours!!!

Well its pretty chilly here but its only 13 degrees, not ascold as up north, the wind makes it worse.It's our 3rd day here and we've alot of places to cover before x'mas. Time will pass fast i suspect, but till then here are a bunch of pics from Monday till Today.

Cold at night in Ealing

Outside my grandads and with Pauline

Me eatingCrisps and Ken packing prezzies


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