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Thursday, December 21, 2006

X'mas Shutdown

FOGGY TIMEs are Here

It is getting bitter cold here and what with the FOG shutting down Heathrow airport stranding thousands if not a million people. HOw typical of something like this to happen.
The temperature has dropped to about -2 degrees in this week to come and the FOG has engulfed us in London making it difficult to drive around and inconveniencing everyone. I now wear double pants to bed and double layers to sleep with 2 blankets, the heaters aren't of any use either cuz they shut off at 10pm and turn on again in the morning.

Showers are the worse. Water is boiling hot but stepping out is the worst bit. Ken just mentioned that he feels like hibernating like his aunt's tortoise kept in a box in the shed that will wake up in spring.

So besides feeling Cold all the time instead of sweaty and hot in singapore all the time, me and Ken have an expanding footwwear collection. We were walking around Trafalgar Square and down one of the roads i found BOOTS! YEs you know shes a gonna when they are at £7($21) a pair. So after Ken tried to stop me from buying the whole shop i bought 2 pairs of Boots and a flats at £3($9). We've been lost in London all week which isn't that hard, and just been endlessly wandering around.Ken has been awed at lots of huge buildings and such, and we even ended up at buckingham palace...

InEPT at movement
Last 2 days we been chilling in the warmth of the house and just going to the local town areas called Ealing Broadway...and accidently bought my self a pair of Diesel shoes, ahahhaah im terrible.No more for me! Oh and we got all our trains and hotels booked for France,Paris and will be in france for 2 weeks. Rest of the time we will be bunging in with friends and with Quentin, my sister (Rach) BF...

Anyway heres to the decreasing temperature, and miss you are some more pics.kisses

The colourfully lit London Eye at only 5pm in the evening and
Westminister and Big Ben, which actually is the bell in side...

Tiny me and Sherlocks Pub?


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