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Monday, December 11, 2006

Here Again Once i'm leaving.

Has this been one hell of a HEctic Last 2 weeks, doesn't help that someone keeps insisting to do Everything for me and then when i don't need the help i'm called ungrateful, Yes, we've all come across it by our Own Blood.
So besides the Rush, it has been an Eventful few day none-the-less.

ZoukOut Reunion~~~

NOt only was it a reunion with my friends who study in GoldCoast, JoJoaYoYo and Rae, it was with Ian my Poly Mate and last but not least with Maiwenn, my long lost cousin of the singapore shores for 9 years. she has washed ashore and it was great to see her. I also met up with a freind of hers that i last saw wheni was about 4 foot high, thank God i grew, hahah, Emma, her Boyfriend Paul and with Mai's old highschool friend Cristophe. It was a real night of nationalities, with Me and Emma being British/chinese, Paul is Kenyan, Mai is Frnech/chinese and christophe is French/filipino and we had the chinese in whole with eurasian here and there. Was the Fricking UN representing!

Mulling and catching up~~~
We partied hard from 2am till 6.30am, which was day break, and drank and had way too much fun. Me and Mai were meant to have Lunch Sunday Afternnon which then became Late lunch at almost 4pm with Christope in tow. she followed me around while i bought a huge $32 Luggage for UK in which i LEAVE TONIGHT aRghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay then we went back to Christophes bachelor Pad where she was staying. Ken came later on and another of Mai's old high school Freinds and we sat around tlaking, listening and eating the best of Modesto's ordere pizzas and some homemade Wine.

Well Ken and I are on our last leg to tie up loose ends and we are Flying across the continents over to UK and france in January. Excitement is mounting slowly cuz we are busy doing errands and trying to pack which we havent yet. Will miss you guys for X'mas have a good one.



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