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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Motherland

So i'm finally here and still hasn't officially sunk. Weathers has been not too bad though was chilly when i stepped out the airport to take a smoke. I wasn't sure which was exhale and which was cigarette smoke, hahaha, silly us.

Great to see my grandad finally and he's still up and about cooking, cleaning: A Tough old cookie.
Have yet to go see Nan's Grave which is 10 mins walk down the road to the cemetary. My uncle Lee said he'll bring us down there sometime soon and also to go play some pool, thoughwell somewhat odd to add on in the same sentence, just came to mind.
I have to layer atleast 3 lots of cloths and my silly sister has also forgotten to leave me all the sweaters so i had to buy 2 for $5 pounds, which is relatively chepa i suppose meaning it cost my $15 sing dollars.

Alot to see and do and our first day seemed to be like the Amazing race as we had slight accomadation problems that left me frekaing out for a bit but that okay cuz im stay West of London in Ealing with Ken's 'auntie' who has a beautiful 3 storey house and she has been feeding us with tonnes of food. It's great to be able to still getthe singaporean snacks and such. She's a great cook.

I'm off to meet my Mum's friend Pauling at 7.15 which also brings to mind that although it's 4pm , it has already begun to get dark, so i always keep thinkin its like 6pm/7pm...really odd.

We woke at like 6am this morning and we've started to get some jet lag. Transport is HELLA EXPENSIVE. One bus ride is £1.50($4.50) and alot cheaper if you buy a weekly card for train and bus. haven't done much but Mull around and chill.

Our cousin Emma was a darlin and met me and Ken after we had arrived in UK at Victoria station. Can't wait to see the rest of the cousins later on in the week. X'mas is coming up soon and i've got alot of things i wanna cook for Grandad and Lee cuz they always just eat chicken and a few other things.

Okay will post some pictures again when i getthe chance. Miss you fella already.

*cold in the Membrane*


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