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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dressed like Heidi and cold like London!

X'mas has come and gone like most days. Mum cooked a lovely Christmas Lunch and sadly enough I had a bangin' headache all Day, so i didn't have too much of the festive drinking one usually has!Perhaps for the better, I need a detox before hitting the Island again!

Went out around 2ish to go see my Nan's grave and it was drizzling, wet and cold and had some problems with the Damn Taxi services- typical and unreliable. Ridiculous prices too! We went practically down the road , less then 5minutes because my Grandad is about 90 and it cost £12 ($36), thatcould getyou to the airport and back again in singapore, but I really should stop comparing. When you live in Asia , everything is comparatively cheap!

Today I shall venture out and head over to Kenley , Surrey where i used to live before moving to Singapore. I'm headin over to Lilian's house as she mentioned he rDad would like to see me and I wouldn't mind going to see her parents and Sister! Ofcourse I can't wait to see her and maybe hit town later to night...

RAndom Moment- I have this weird habit of smelling my hands now, haahahah, well due to this cream i've been using to moisturise and it smells of Custard-its AMAzinG!!!!! I feel like I could lick it off my hands or just empty the whole bottle in to my mouth- YUM!!!

Well anywhohah, rest of Ma Famille is headin out to Croydon, Massive Boxing Day Discounts have started so they will be stuck in the crowds- I seem to become alot more claustrophobic nowadays and i actually sseem to go on to Panic mode whereby I need to escape out of the crowds-bah don't want to think about it...

Well will load some odd pics of my time in Scotland ...Much Love and can't wait strangley enough to getback to Singapore tomorrow!!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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