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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Holiday of the YEar Award 2007 goes to......

Aberdeen SCOTLAND!!!!
Yes so after a 13 hour flight, drop off at Heathrow and transfer over to another 1 hour flight, i've found my self most randomly (well, almost)in Scotland, have I been here before? No... but atleast i'm not travelling alone...
I have ofcourse a bunch ofa zillion photos of the last 2 heavy weekends before leaving to UK, but as my usual self i've managed to find no time putting them up, though I have effectively not done much, other then pack my suitcase like a Red Cross rescue specialist with clothes and other random items for my sister who will meet me in London when i fly back down South on the 23rd this Sunday.
It isn't as cold as I had assumed and i even managed to catch some amazing sunlight which over the rolls of hills and winding roads, hay bails, sheep, more sheep and the trawling tractors, its seems to blind everything out. still is cold as hell somewhere between 0-5 degrees, so i'm still getting the red fingers and I really don't feel like getting out of bed and prefer to just cuddle all day with the TV, biscuits and a cuppa tea!!!
I can't wait to see my sister on the other hand, its been since July i last saw her as she skipped, hopped and bounced over to the land of Baguettes, into the arms of her Froggie aka Baguette Boy aka Quentin, haha~! Damn i miss that no-nonsense Frenchie, inwhich he will be pleased to know we brought over packet noodles, curry, spices and anything flavoured Singapore!
So I'll load pictures when i get back on the 27th of December as i will come home to an empty house as my parents are staying on in UK till the 6th and i will be celebrating NY in Singapore with my Grouch and friends....
Everyone have a Very Merry Christmas
Happy New YEar...
Claire-Louise Jedrek


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