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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Whats Grey & COld?!?

No Surprises there!!!
So after meaning to leave 5.15pm on Sunday, the fog in Heathrow (no surprises 2 years running) swam over London in general and swamped the city for 2 days, causing all flights in and out of the country to come to a standstill , leaving people stranded left, right, up and down. Seems each year I come back someting happens, if it ain't the Fog in London it's the damn strikes that get me stuck here!!!

As for me, my flight was cancelled after sitting alone in Aberdeen Airport for 3 hours after saying my goodbyes to Guy and ended up with me finally calling back saying can you come pick me up AGAIN! After 1 hour and a half in queue for a new flight out the next morning I was driving back to where I had come from 4 hours before. Well, no harm done as I had another night cuddling up in the bitter cold and finally at 9.40am i was on the flight to Cold ,wet and now clear from fog London.

£50 poorer upon reaching my grandads in South London, but a huge smile etched on my face-well worth the hassle and fuss, though I wouldn't have minded been stuck in Aberdeen for X'mas no doubt. Soon as i arrive though , my Mum drags me out to Croydon for last minute shopping, but what can i say- I pick up 2 pairs of Aldo heels, accessories, new dresses and a much needed Starbucks Coffee and thats my X'mas prezzie from my parents sorted! Yes it was horribly crowded and I'm not thinking entirely in proper sentences so sorry if it all seems abrupt typing wise! FLying makes you tired and and mildly retarded and dyslexic!

My Sister arrived 3 hours ago from Toulouse, South France and Boy was it weird to have the family in one place for 5 minutes! I haven't seen her for 6 months and we caught up nattering endlessly. Being excited really drains you!

Tomorrows X'mas and mums started cooking for Grandad and my uncle and us, well be a good x'mas though, was 4 years or so since we were all back in London as a fmaily and that was during one of the hottest summers in UK!

Talking about Starbucks, I really do think now its some sort of psychological thing about drinking out of a Starbucks cup or takeaway cup! I think i need to carry around paper Starbucks cups and pour ANY old type of Coffee in it just to satisfy my hunger for something from Starbucks-Sad Me..I am addicted and somehow enough I don't blame it on me!

Anyhows, I will end soon, can't wait to wake and hear MacGrumps voice and then having X'mas lunch and openign prezzies and watching the others open their prezzies. Boxing Day i'm meeting Lilian!!! Remember her? She's my Primary school mate from Kenley Surrey who I grew up with for a few years before I moved to Singapore. I found her on Facebook and we met up after 10 years in singapore and hit it off like we never missed a day out of each others lives and then we skipped and pranced around the beaches of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Frankly I'm quite tired of flying, though this was what I took my year to do: Travel. Weirdly enough I can't wait to go home to my safe sanctuary called Singapore and curl up in the heat though I was thoroughly and very easily entertained starting up fires in MacGrumps room by the fireplace. I Love and really miss good old fires by the fireplace....

Well have to make the most of the next 3 days till my sister (Rachel) and I run off to Heathrow Airport Again and shes flys back to her Froggie Quentin and I meet up with the 'Mac' Crew back to Singapore...
To one and all....
Once again A very Merry Christmas....
Lots of Love
Claire-Louise Jedrek

ps:I can't believe i'm flying back to Work!!!
well, to those who aren't in the know, i'm making an appearence in Courts, Tampines 29th and 30th of December, see you there!!!


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