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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Australian Floorball Champs

So i'm back from Perth after spending the 11th-16th there for the Floorball opens thanks to NTUC CLub. Was a really tough and tiring trip and 13 of the 15 players had injuries uincluding myself. Becuase of rehearsals walking up and down this damned stair case for the Deal or No Deal studio setup , i really strained my Quads and calve muscles, so the 2nd day of competition i had really bad spasms and cramps. thank God for the chiropractors on site who really helped every single player. Missed 2 games which was a real bummer and very frustrating. The rest of my teams mates really wanted this and we eventually won against the Dingoes whom we lost twice to before this.
At City Stay Jacuzzi
Everyone is really bruised up and a tonne of woodburns. Was a great experience and well, i hope there will be more to come with LMFC2011. One good thing happened out of perth, is that i met up with Sarah and DAphne finally. Was really good to see them and it really brought my mood up. Lots of memories recounted and all.

A team that bruises together stays together


back at changi 7am
Well unfortunately i didn't get enough sleep on the plane, and i arrived back yesterday morning and i had to head to Mediacorp with my sister for rehearsals and Pilot filming of the game show 'Deal or No Deal". Wearing heels all these hours is realy tiring! Nevermind, just close my eyes and think of something else like the .......cha-ching.
Okay well here are the photos of the last 2 tiring weeks.


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