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Monday, April 30, 2007

Deal Or No DEal (DOND)Girls

Okay so , now there has been a press release, it's more or less out in the open . Me (11) and my sister, Rachel (25) are on this game show Deal or No Deal or DOND girls...haha, yes cheesy...

It premieres on 13th May, Channel 5 at 8.30pm, so be sure to catch it, if not for the show then the 26 beautiful women....lil info, its the 55th ctry to have this game and 8th in can always try next season?

Been a tiring 3 weeks training, walking up and down those steps in 3/4 inch heels from Noon to Nigh, but filming will be taking a wrap in a couple of days....and promo work will start. This game show has been fun and friends have been made, though it was nerve-racking being around too many females personally , but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Anyway here of some pics of myself, couldnt find my sis ,on set during the press game, the website if you know freinds also in it or wanna oogle at the other chicks is :

Me and My Case....

HAHAHAHAH look at my face, yes thats how ErialC talks...

ALL the lovely ladies

just see me in the corner....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok ... number 1 and 5 looks like Kumar on a good day ... No 8 is pretty cute ... number 2 looks like my apartment's gardener, 6 looks like she cannot be bothered ... and 11 is just breathtakingly beautiful(not because this is your blog).

Gotta catch the damm show now cos of the chicks. I am shallow. Darn.


3:33 pm  
Blogger ErialC said...

i have my crappy looking moments trust me.....

4:19 pm  

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