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Monday, April 02, 2007

KL Pit stop Party Central

So finally after an eventful weekend, looks like this trip to KL for the F1 VIP seats and Paddock passes, things are finally getting settled into place with all the details.

Saturday was a dinner at no signfood Seafood with Mark Webber who has been signed with Redbull and tested a track route out in Singapore for those not in the know of things.Ofcourse how can i forget 9 other beautiful females and the wonderful Redbull team who gave each and one of us the opportunity to go to this amazing opportunity, something i've been waiting for , for 2 whole years...
They spent alot of time organising this and Sat night when we all headed to Ink bar they all looked so Tired...Our itineraries are out and looks like alot of rest is gonna be needed cuz we have 4whole days of socialising and partying aswell as very early mornin wakeups!!!!ARgh.

On the 5th,thu, when we leave to KL, that night will be a session at Luna Bar for a get to know session, the next day(6th) we will head t Genting and have a go on the Sky Venture, the skydiving air machine, taht will be wickedly awesome and i CANT WAIT!!!!, later that night at KLCC we'll be at Bond Martini Bar for Tapas and Drinks, ahaha more redbull??? eheheh we'll need it cuz this is the plan in short for each day!WAIT then later on we head to Maison Lounge and party SOMEMORE at 11pm, how will we wake at 8am for breakfast , I cAN DO IT and in Full makeup Prepped and all.....ARGH.....ill try..

On the 7th, we finally will be at the Sepang Circuit, woohoo for lunch and the Pit walk then watching the qualifying races, in which i heard Raikkonen has come in first for that...!!!
That night it's Zouk 11pm and party party party and awaken the next day for the circuit, meet all the drivers (willi get to meet ALonso...sighs), lunch , anotehr pit walk and the races its self....Phew what a load of things to do, but i can't wait cuz how many people get to meet and greet and mingle with em..Will be something to rememberfor sure, so lots of piccies will be up for sure. Damnit, am i gonna have my Internet there, I cant live with out it!!!!!Yikes!

okay i need to sort dresses good enough for the trip....stresssful situation , ahahah, okies ciao ciao


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