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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


~~~~~Indiana Jones~~~~~

Always enjoyable and why not make a last one for the fans.
Harrison Ford is looking great but thats not hard in a movie with all
the make up and graphics and of course Shia Lebeouf.....
the movie makes you wonder will there be any new ones out?
People did say , 'it ends with alien's????WTF?'
but I mean come on, its Indiana Jones, wasn't there a ghost in a previous one...
whats the difference. It's all make believe!
I Liked it!

~~~~~Kungfu Panda~~~~~

The panda is with out doubt based on Jack Black,
and it was a huge laugh except what really ruined it for me
was all the screen shots from TV which show all
the BEST bits as usual and when you come to the movie
you expect more but all you get is all that was shown
on the TV or the trailers at movies!!!
ARGHHHH it always pisses me off so I try my best
not to watch the trailers!
Thing is with Jack Black I'd like to actually see him in something
serious because sometimes i feel like I'm watching the same
movie with the same character!

~~~~~You Don't Mess with the Zohan!~~~~~

Adam Sandler never proves to fail me with a laughter,
but like Jack Black, there is no mor
e extra to it with Slap stick,
strange enough I prefer, British Dry , sarcastic Humour,
but i still Loved this new Sandler movie and all the
digs at the war and politics and all the over the top humour.
Ofcourse there were the cringe moments with all the old ladies
inteh backroom, but I guess it's worth it, though I agree
that this was a chick flick and well
for those who can laugh at nonsense easily,
I only had a few moments with the jumping and flipping from roof to roof
and his HUGE package in his pants!
Classic Sandler style!

~~~~~~The Incredible Hulk~~~~~

I was just going to wait for the DVD and watch it when there
was nothing else to watch on the TV, but.....but.....
This movie impressed me alot more than i thought it would
and I watched and LOVED the fight scenes!
DEfinitely go and see this!
It's alot more edgier then the cartoony made one previously
that I didn't bother watching because it wasn't realistic enough.
There are soo many good movies coming out!!!!
Just watched 21 last night, Great movie, talk about that next time!


Claire-Louise Jedrek

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