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Monday, January 29, 2007

Back to Uk in 2 Ow-eRs

Yes so - finally leaving Paris after reaching from a 5 hour train ride in Toulouse. We reached in t Paris from Mont Parnasse station . We managed to find out way to Barbes-Rouchart by Metro and dumped our load into the small, old family run hotel in a Somewhat dodgy are. But well, it was okie in the end, just our imaginations running into play, when people were like "che che", which we found out was a call for biyung Hashish, dudes walking but spitting "Ne how" at us, dude, we speak "In-Ger-Lish", way better than you.
so at night we headed down to the Eiffel and caught the night show of the dazzling lights, but it got ridiculously cold as teh temp was btwn -1 & -4, cold by my terms, we head back to the hotel, woke up early next morning and did:

1) the eiffel by day, going to the top, soaking up the sights of the river, streets, etc.
2)We then headed opposite to Trocadero and
3)then the Marble Arch where qe braved about a Gazillion steps in all, then down Champs Elysees and meeting some weird chinese people and nearly running off with 1000 Euro, but we didn't (Very Long Story) and in the evening we hung around the Louvre so we could enter after 6pm where it is free for under 26. They do make us feel younger, thanks guys.

4)Grand and Petit Palais
5)Louvre was friggin massive and we were TOTALLY Trashed after walking around, no way you can finish it in a day let alone a few days. Saw the Mona Lisa, and alot of other famous paintings and sculptures.
Oh oh and people in France REALLY DO Walk around with bunched of Bagettes in their hands. Hehehehe.the next day we walked the other side of the road,
6)Notre Dame

and yesterday we took it easy and headed to Sacre Soeur, another church near by our hotel. We then met up with Pierre and hung around our hotel for a bit. Like i said we took a million steps..Yawn. Well we will be travelling around UK again.Sigh this is getting tiring Seriously.




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