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Saturday, January 20, 2007

BarCelonA .......and ....

SO, Saturday is finally here and we'll be leaving by car tomorrow morning to BaRceLonA!!!!Will be back in 3 days, 1 night in a hotel and teh other night sleeping in the car. Exciting huh, well till the window is knocked on by a policeman to get outta where ever we are!!!!

Today is Quentin's 21st b'day and we bought him a nice white pair of Stan Smith II Adidas...We knew there would be complaints but its also like a thankyou present for everythign he has done for us, which cannot be expressed all in a pair of shoes really. We had teh car checked, bought some food for the road trip which will take roughly 4 hours or so from Toulouse also doing some sightseeing along the way in Carcasson.

Barcelona will be a blast i know because they have some magnificant structures along the way like gothic Cathedrals, lots of Art by Picasso, Gaudi and my favourite Salvador Dali. The city just looks like it was built by Art first then by the priority to house people. Ofcourse summer would be perfect as the further south it gets the warmer it is. But this winter is amazingly Warm, so no qualms abouyt hitting Spain in Winter.

I think we've come really far and despite paying a lil' more than we really wanted cuz of the fucking incompetant SNCF administraion, it was all worth it to be where we are right now.

Of course Me being me, no holiday can be exciting until i do something. I finally pierced my lip, so as usual , do it now and Bother later explaining. and dont't worry i still will get my jobs. by the time i get back it should be almost healed. Okay well will pôst some later, thre is a bday dinner i gotta go to for Quentin, his friends and family are here so

A tout a l'heure my friends...continue later and more pictures



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