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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Biz: Vietnam Day 2

2nd day in vietnam and we had a day off ,
so we took the time to walk around Hoi An Town area!
As you can see I took 10948973439 pictures,
but only 30 or so made it on here!!!
Enjoy the beautiful places and people-who are tiny by the way!

Street Market Squeeze

My own dress design sketched out, any material-US$10

chilling with our Viet Kopi!

Our Tour Guide by day-lady by night!

Making sugar cane with a wheel!

sitting at a local coffee shop!
Wicked tie display!

Ducks for Lunch:0

Getting Sandals custom Made!!!

Looking at the Pool from Hotel!

Beautiful untouched beaches, totally unpopulated-Heaven!

Vietnam Styling!

View from my room balconey!

Sundown at 5.30pm!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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