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Monday, March 10, 2008

Randoms of the Day - Conspiracies?

My Obsession with the American Elections is flared by the interest over who will win the Primaries and be in the running against the once War-time hero McCain...
Would America or the Democratic party as once asked to me
prefer a White woman in the running or a Black Man.

Well Obama won the Wyoming votes the other night and it might be an uphill fight as it seems Obama is aiming for smaller swing states who may vote for him now
but have the tendency during elections to vote for Republicans.
Could this Presidency go to the 1st Black president ever or back to the Wartime Hero?
All's not lost with 'Hitlery' doing all she can
- has her campaign come to an end?

Something to think about here-
is it a possibility they(Obama-Clinton) have been pitted against one another
for strategic reasons to push one candidate further -
a possibility of an agreement there?
One thing would be amazing though ,
is a tag team of either Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton.
Possibly unlikely though as Obama has been quoted
that he won't seek for Vice-Presidency in any case.
Exciting stuff!
On a lighter note AND my favourite MADTV who spoof alot of things:

It's said Mas Selamat Kastari,
who is suspected of being the head of the Singapore branch of the Muslim militant network Jemaah Islamiah,
ESCAPED from Detention last week.
Funny how it was quoted that it was not sure how it happened
and there are NO leads to where he is.

I mean no doubts about what happened to him but just some thoughts on something what was mentioned to me about this Terrorist.

Could it be possible that he hasn't escaped??
And he's still being held for his presumed crimes and he's in interrogation???
If he's disappeared now- isn't it easier for him to be ridden of??
Just a thought, could it be possible and in the outcome of all of this-
Does this bring Singaporeans from all walks of life closer to one another??
On a lighter note so many things have been spun out of this-
like below!

Claire-Louise Jedrek


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