GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Beep Beep BREATH Beep Beep BREATE Beep Beep Beep Beeping...


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Beep Beep BREATH Beep Beep BREATE Beep Beep Beep Beeping...

I was scouring the internet news while bored and this is so random and I can't even believe worth reporting on???
hahahah to carry on reading click on the captions for the link...
Been doing alot of reading- had the Biggest migraine last night that wasn't funny at all- the worst I've ever had! Well keeping me company is Paper, coloured pens, Dvds, newspapers and my diary!!!
Thanks so much to my girls Alessia, Jojo, and Maggie for coming to see me!!! What are Girlfriends for? I even got an amazing cooked lunch from Jojo and a Pedicure from the ever perfectionistic Alessia.
The boys from Redbull came down as well and we went through the girls for the La Formula Una selection to go up to Sepang in Malaysia for the Formula One. Had a good banter over the girls and reminiscing over last years race and party which was alot of FUN!!!
Oh and I got flowers and i was sitting there for a good 10minutes wondering who was Gablo...I found out who it was (Pablo)in the end so I must remind my self to send an email later since they've left the country.
It's taken me this long but I've finally managed to watch 'Smoking Aces' with G,
and was a good movie except I was a bit lost at the end.
I managed to make an escape just now and bought that VCD and United 93,
a nice depressing movie on the 911 plane that crashed and the final moments etc.
G brought me loads of chocos, crisps and even a car mag has been left here,
though I would prefer a Motor bike mag!!!
Hmmm, seen the latest Maxim anyone?
I thinkit was decided I will skip Maxim's offer perhaps,
they do more then risque shots, slightly hmmmmm....
My girlfriends gave me a ring to this months familiar face and well....
*cough* Yes DI is a wonderful to some more than others!!!!
hmmm, reminds me-
Will I miss Incubus???
IT's on the 7th
BIG huge SIGH....
Super Uber annoyed by the constant
Beep Beep Beep Beep Beeping!!!
At least I know what I'm doing tomorrow!
I think i'll go take a walk to Novena's Velocity!
Okay Will try load photos!!
SO many to post up! Sorry! No Cables!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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