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Saturday, March 08, 2008


My brain is no longer being seeped through by the blond bleaching agents and I'm once again dark haired. Almost. A Light Ash brown! Time for the hair to rest up, last thing I need is to be bald!!! Spent a long day in town an also buying more lingerie from La Sensa- my favourite store for colours and cut!!! GO during the sales-unbelieveable sales for amazing undergarments!

Sitting here watching the England vs. Scotland Rugby showdown and its' still early - only 15 minutes in and Scotlands' up 3. Of course no need to say where my loyalties lie.

Been an easy week and all the girlfriends are actually back in town for once!!!! It's weird in some sort of way because my best friends from different periods of times that I'm all close to - I introduced ALL of them and they all really get along.
I got:

1) Lilian Kolster- My Dutch/Chinese best friend when I was little from London, lost contact for 15 years and found each other on Facebook and after a 4 month stint in China is back and we can't do Koh Phangan like we did last September I'm sure we will be skipping and hopping somewhere else!

2) Jolene Lee- My madcap, genuinely helpful Classmate from Poly days who I called 'Pink Umbrella Girl' and we are still inseparable since 2003.

3)Alicia Pan- Jolene's best friend from Primary-introed to me back in '03 and one of my partners with Jojo for Faded fridays. She's coming back from Taiwan after recording her album and now the 3-some are back as one after 2 years. She and Jo are the basis of true friendship.

4)Alessia Zuliani (case no.7)- A good friend I made on Season 2 of Deal or No Deal. A fellow biker and we've been virtually inseparable with me introducing her to the world of events! She's also genuinely helpful who'd come to your aid at the drop of a hat!

Okay been taking this typing slowly, end of the match- 40seconds left and i think Scotlands' won for sure-argh. 15-9. RRRrrrrrrrr! I won't get the end of this from G!!!

Can't wait till Monday, a big BBQ at ALicia's house at the Carribeans. Beer, pool, food!!! PArTY!!!!!

Okay will load the pictures from Thursday's FHM party at Thumper. My first time there actually and boy was it packed!! Met alot of familiar faces and it was a so-so party! More of a Sausage Festival!!!!

Will end here and load pictures tomorrow probably!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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