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Thursday, March 06, 2008

La Formula Una CLear up

Okay Ladies for those of you wanting to join
the La formula Una (click for webbie),
to clear some confusion up- Singapore will be having2 Selections for the La Formula Una.
Malaysia does not have a Redbull office for the F1 in Sepang, SO

Singapore will handle 2 countries
the La Formula Una in Sepang Malaysia and another one end of Year in September in Singapore.

This means 2 overall Singapore girls out will be chosen at the 2 different F1's and then sent to Brazil!

As last year Singapore had no F1 Race, I was sent under Singapore's Redbull for Sepang, Malaysia!

SO the closing date for the Sepang F1 was 29th February and the selection party was held on 1st March at the Em by the river!

BUT DON'T fret because 28th July is ANOTHER closing date for applications to be the La formula for Singapore's F1.

Clear enough???If not here's a chart!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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