GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Just the End of the begining NOT Beginning of the End


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just the End of the begining NOT Beginning of the End

It Started with I'm Strange & Beautiful,
where He looked at my world from afar,
I turned my Head and I did see you.

I thought I''d been a Criminal,
because I had been careless before,
I had sinned and I thought I had been redeemed,

He was right when Chromeo said I was a Needy Girl,
It's true it's about what I want,
What I say, How I feel,
But it ain't how I play the Game,
He shouldn't have to change.

It's funny because there weren't cracks in our Foundation,
though we know we have to let go,
we won't be Bitter,
because we for sure didn't eat any Lemons!

We didn't know the Roads end was Nearer,
Though there were Flashlights and Explosions
all i can forsee now is that
We can cover the Distance, though its not Together...

Yes, it could have soared over
Playgrounds and Rooftops
He was brave, so was I,
We'll Still Remember....



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