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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SaO PauLo, Brazil here i come

Hmm, ive been waiting for this trip for 3 months after being picked as the over all Formula Una in the Malaysian F1 in Sepang. Now that it's finallyhere i'm a bit apprehensive about all the fuss and fun.

Mainly becuase i finished filming Dond 2 and i was in thick make up and hair all done up , for 12 hours. My skin is worse then i can imagine, it needs a break... But this trip to Brazil is all about dressing up,looking your best, staying atthe Hilton, going to the best restaurants, clubs and ofcourse the CLosing party for the F1 in Sao Paulo where we have stylists with dresses and shoes etc....hmmm Some what a celebrity kind of event isuppose. Meaning more make up and hair and being all poised blah blah. I can't wait to see the RAce it's self and hopefully catch my favourite Alonso and for Mclaren's sake Hamilton...

I'm not comlpaining because hey BRAZIL baby, but its all tiring. Seems i'm missing out on quite a few events here and there too and birthdays, but hmm I know i must be mad its the F1, and I am excited,just tired i suppose. I wish i could spend the memories with someone though, i wish i could invite all those close to me:(

Oh well i promise i willvhave fun for everyone out there and i will definitely keep you updated , stories and pics Etc! Hmmm and is it possible to miss someone when they are already not even there? no matter where you are in the world...what is it that makes them seem further?

Well i better come back in one piece. I don't know really what will happen to me after this Brazil trip, uncertainty sinks in and i shall let that be....

Peace and carrots!

Was spent playing poker the last minute and all got distracted by the mini racing bikes! I'm gonna get one i swear!!!


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