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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Koh Phangan Day 3

So the 3rd day we set off to Koh Samui in the Early afternoon.It wasa 40min boat ride across to the other island.

It was much like a ghost town. Hot, dusty and deserted! It was here that lilian bought me a bungee Jump for my Birthday. It was ALso prety much commercialised with Starbucks!!! and Burger King! Interesting! Very different from KP.

Random insides of Cafes and outsides of Bars-Nice names!hahah
Well we got closer to the place of the bungee jump and all i saw was a 50m crane, as well as this small tiny dip pool. I was ofocurse, THats what WE jump into????Wtf??? ahahahaha hmm That got me rather nervous as i assumed it was into the ocean or a lake or..or ..or
The pool and strapping up
Well we bought a beer and downed it. Got Weighed, strapped up in just Velcros and bunny opped to the crane cage. It went up really slowly and by the time i was at the top i was like h Boy, thanks Lilian, what did you get me into! But thing is I've been meaning to Bungee Jump!!! I
Bunny Hopper!
wanted to see the difference in comparison to skydiving which i tried 2 years back.
At the top I clung on to Lilian, as we were jumping Tandem! The dude was like to the count of 3 and i was like WHAt just 3 ?? Can u push me , ahaha

We shuffled to the edge and then went over after 3. Yes i screamed on the way down. HAAHahwhat a boink a boink and we dipped half body upon the fist bounce!Was bloody brilliant bouncing around. Though I could feel the Blood rush to me head, yikes, hated that!
Hmmm,what a RUsh!HAd lunch and then had a massage for one hour where i totally fell asleep . We then left the island back to KP!

We went in search of some elusive pool party that didnt seem tobe anywhere around! something lie the Illusion Pool at some dive school. WE found the school but found only a random German guy wondering around and spouting "hang on a minute!" to us when we asked a quenstion. We then realised how drunk he was! He showed us the pool party and well, lets say we found out it was the day before!!!

3 on a bike!
It was here that we met the 2 German Puppies!!! Two boys with hardly any money and not alot to do ! We allheaded tosome random pub, got a bite somewhere after that and then headed back to the bungalow for a good sleep in !
ErialC aka Claire Jedrek


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