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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dubai Airport Transit

wow, this place is crazy packed, i'm already known as the dyslexic keyboard specialist, and it doesn't help that there are no letters on the key board because of the letters having been rubbed off from over usage!
I thought the flight here was 3 hours, it was 7 !!!
Would you believe it, I was early to Changi Airport and i forgot my passport!Doh...Forget it, over and done with, I'n here, thanks to Ken who went and got it for Me....geez Louise!

I Have no bloody idea how much further it is to Sao paulo, another 10 hour I think .worst part is im travelling a long way ALONE. Bah. I turned on my phone and must have had like 15 messages!!!

I'm tired and cqan't be sure whether to sleep or not, I have to try figure out in a while the time differences...

Okay going to find my parents a Magnet. I'm usually not allowed bak in the house unless I get a new magnet from the different countries i travel to. I'm sleepy dehydrated. lonely and BOredddddd. People are sleping all over the floors here, its that packed. I'm so tempted to go chat to anyone! HAd a talk with my seat neighbour, a lil old lady from UK...

Okay i'm off now, well suss out the internet when i Reach Brazil, sure the Hilton has one..Internet Addict...


misses and kisses


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