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Monday, October 15, 2007


On the 4th day had a minor slip up with bike outside 7/11 and Lilian needed 3 stitches.Worse part we were going like 1km/hr, we moved off and bike slipped under sand. Woop de doo..blood and a laceration of the skin. Pulled a nice stone out ,tiny one and sent her to a clinic. YIkes!

Was horrible cuz the full moon was that night, meaning she'd have to be extra careful of her movements and what not. What a bummer! I was a bit shaken and called ken down but all went well after that!!! Phew!

We hit the streets of HAad Rin and walked from shop to shop and had dinner at a random food joint, in which we hit the beach and went straight to Mellow Mountain where we could see the beach slowly fill up and after 3 hours of so, we made our way down to the flame throwing dudes and watched them while drinking up. It's here we decided t0 paint our bodies with 20 bht paint!

These lil kids who wnated to break the neon lights

Yet again we met the German puppies and Lilian had a sleep for like almost 2 hors cuz she wasn't feeling to well. We met alot of random people like photographers and Israeli people. They were EVerwhere, was quite strange and numerous times Lilian got mistaken for being an Israeli. She's chinese dutch by the way! She was rather annoyed after a while.

We partied the night away , like we said we would and even had our try SKipping on a Fire Rope!!!! What fun, lasted one round for me, but who cares!!!

The sun came up slowly for an hour, and i had climbed some rocks at the furthest left side of the beach to see a great view and to take some good pics. Was really romantic and was a brilliant sight as compared to turning to the right and seeing people still buying beer and eating and drinking till 8-9plus am!

We made it back after a breakfast at our Beer Bungalow there..anyway we made the journey back to Singapore more or less in one piece and it was a great experience just being there!!! Was exciting but the travelling was really tiring. Was glad i was able to share a good time....Only shitty thing is travelling thru back to Hat yai, which was a long journey.

It was a mad rush cuz our mni van was late picking people up and we all were in a panicky mood. We made it none the less.!It was quite the adventure which we knew would have minor problems among the way !



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