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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the other side

I've had a really tiring week , with filming, no change there and ofcourse, the one off day i do get, its spent runnign around doing my IC, bills blahablah , driverslicence, all becuase my wallet ws stolen at Attica 2 months back! What an absolute pain!
In the mean time i've been spending time MSNing,phone calls, and hanging with Lillian, my primary school friend from UK who i met up cuz of facebook...yes you read it right..FACEBOOK!
SO another primary school friend William O'Brian, transited in Singapore for 6 hours so i picked him from Airport and met up with Lilian while giving him a quick 2hour tour of Orchard Rd and a coffee. He just thought how Odd it was he was in Singapore!!!

In Orchard and Coffee CLub, the 1993 reunion in S'pore!

Other then that the Koh Phanagan trip inwhich i have Day 3, 4 & 5 to post up. NExt day Saturday after we got back was the Moet and Chandon event at Stjames, FRee champs 9pm till midnight and strawberry coatd chocolates, yum yum... was delish and all they kept doing was topping up our galsses and after 2, Me and Lilian got up somehow and zigzagged ourway and jumped in a cab to Attica!!! I think it was!

With Max and Lilian and Marco

Hmmm....other then that there was a Girls night out on saturday with the DOND girls so we all partied hard after the exhausting week. We still managed to drag ourselves out!!! and look in one piece. Yes Got completley smashed!!!!! But well hmm it was worth it!!

Peace out


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