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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Koh Phangan day 2

So after what we thought was along Night!!!! but infact just a sum of 3-4 hours, we some how made it back to our bikes, and drve the horrendous and dangerous roads back up and over and up and over the rolling hills to our bungalows. The irony of it all how we made it back!!!!

The wonky-legged Cat

The next day we woke and decided to take a 16km bike ride , which was like an hour long or so because the concrete roads gave way to dirt red roads, to stones and paths. These Wave scooters were certainly not meant for off -oad terrain !HAHAHHa, what a sight we were, lost up and down the hills at the West side of the island!

Riding thru' wrong terrain

We finally arrived and thought we were way off the map only till find we were at the right place, so we had some lunch and went Snorkeling amongst the shallow reefs. Lovely currents of hot and cold sea water. Wish i had an under water camera for the fish , but well nothing particularly scary 'cept for Urchins!

Eating and then 2hrs snorkelling

The surroundings,scenery and pets!
View from above!
Postcard perfect Picture of sunset!
I Love shadows!

Me & Lilian riding back to Haan Tai!

After riding back in HALF the time by asking directions, we made our way back and hit Haad Rid beach for some Snacks!!! which turned into drinks and Overly spicy Thai noodles!!!!WE trawled the beaches and then found the COral Bungalow Pool Party held before the Full moon!!!!

Trippy pictures and Accessory women!
Shops and Booze

GOd, was like some American FRat Party from some movie!!! Guys could get free drinks if they came in a bikini, so it was a Cross dresign party. And from the brochure we believed it was an All Gay thing. SO we thought it would be interesting!

We spent rest of night watching and meeting Weirdos run around on Drugs and alcohol. Also was on a tree we forgot to come back to , a tyre attached to a rope and we were jumping off the tree.

Fucking fun but we didnt realise danger of jumping in the sea at 2am in the morning and the tide was coming in !and the water was like 2 foot deep, aahahahah so it was painful!!!!!!!!!Well the pool party was ALOT of fun and so it was a good night, of drinks and dancing and swimming!

ErialC aka Claire-Jedrek


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