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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Koh Phangan

Meant to be my Day off from the 6days, 11am-11pm filming, but I had a shoot for the DOND website and talent filming but that was scrapped because well, some girls didn't have any talents to shoecase..but not in a mean malicious way I mean that, more of well , not everyone has time to do something on the side like some of us.

Okay well i'm going to start this Entry on Koh Phangan!!! A place I always wanted to go, not just for the beaches but also for the Fullmoon parties held every month. Okay Here Goes!!!

Saturday 22nd September
Me, Lilian and Ken, get to Budget Airlines and make jokes nonstop about how every possible thing is a big budget. We check in 12 plus and sit around Hans, snacking till our time.
We get on the plane and an hour and a half later-tada! We are in Hat Yai Thailand!!!

We had already looked up over the web, that from Hat yai, you'd be able to find tour agencies around the airport, but we get out to 35 degree sweltering heat , and the only thing actually visible is a carpark, alot of Cab drivers stickign their face in yours and Grass and dust. SO hmmmmm where are the tour agencies to buy a Bus to Surat Thani(up north) which has the Ferry to KP.

Our 1st cab driver and where we got a drink!You need to bring
your own tissue around by the way!
-Keep in mind, up to the point of the flight in Hatyai,
we hadn't paid or planned any other way to get to KP, we just assumed for the best!-
Anyway a cab driver then brings us to a tour agency in the Hat Yai city centre and he even arranges a bus for us to Surat Thani which we find out is a 5 hr drive.
We were psyched got in his cab at 100Bht each and we are on our way!

This was our stop over on our eventually 6hour drive at night.
This fella was a Uni student who travelled 4hrs a day to get to uni.
He helped us to find a hotel!
We get to the tour agency and get on the bus after taking a quick stroll of the neighbour hood
and squeeze into this tiny bus for 10 people .
The journey took 6 hours by the way and we ended up overnighting in Surat Thani
in this 100Bht a night room and all sharing a HUGE King bed to save money.
By then we are really tired and hungry and knock out fast!

Outside our hotel 4 the night.hmm..we look like hookers, haah.

Our hotel room and in a cab!

Next morning we get on yet ANOTHER big coach and meet sudenly a whole bunch of fellow back packers who are on their way to a ferry. An hour or so later and we get on the boat ride which is 3 hours into Koh Phangan!!!

At the Surat Thani Ferry and on the boat to KP!
We are HERDED like sheep once reaching the island
into cabs where little women flash signs and yell "taxi taxi taxi".
We get in and arrive at our 'Beer Bungalow' where we settled in and
then go rent motorbikes and head into Haad Rin beach where the main party beach is for the Full Moonparty onthe 26th SEpt!

Our mini huts and a beer onthe way to check Haad Rin Beach!

Lunch at our favourite cafe Cafe De Lee, a pun?
Then finally Haad Rin with all its fine powdery sand.
Then we made it up to our favourite Pub, The Mellow Mountain
onthe far left of the beach..

This is where we spent the rest of the night
talking stripes and stars to everyone there:)
It took us a day and night to get here, but it was welll worth the trip...
The follow up of day 2, stay tuned!!!!!!
Lots of Mish and Mash
Pish and Pash
ErialC aka Claire-Louise Jedrek


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