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Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to Basics

Damnit, run out of air and too Lazy to walk !
Anyhow, what a rampage that entry was this morning and i choose to beg to differ over my own choice of words, so i delted it. Paper creases can be ironed out. Thankyou Teabag for positivity. *cries* AHAHahah okat private joke guys, hella funny!

1.Thursday was MOS for Kanye West launch.
2.Friday I was invited by Alicia to attend the Muay Thai event in the Indoor stadium.and later zouk
3.Saturday was spent at Zouk with Lilian and other random friends. Both late nights and too much ALki and what not commotions we best leave un mentioned. Bah.
-Lil Hint-I won't be updating blog much from 22nd-28th Septemberbecause last minute me and mates Lilian(from Uk ) and Ken are running off to the FullMoon Party in Koh Phangan.
Grabbing a plane to Hat yai, a 6 hour bus ride that we'll figure to Surat thani and then i guess a boat over.

Comeon, don't tell me it's too Touristy blahblah, gotta do it once! It's like going to Paris, yeah it's hella touristy but you gotta go see the Eiffel Tower ONCE! SO it will be a good break and hopefully i won't come back black and burnt before rehearsals start for Season 2 of DEAL or NO DEAL!October is busy BUsy guys!!!!!!!!
Filming from 30th through out till 14th October!!!!

.....and theni fly to BRASIL, SAO PAULO!!!! for the F1, gonna be insanely tiring, but a crazy and exciting experience!Okay all this is getting me excited....

But only thing i'm really waiting for is 2 months to pass till the Return & Revenge of the TEabag to Singapore's shores...maybe a lil' bit soggy but in tact none-the-less i hope! Hmmm. might mean less dyslexic typings, late night calls in October(no more mumblings and incoherent, repetitive sentences, i swear).... but well lets hope then i can go back to the surreal Escape!
Don't forget Man vs. 101 cats! That shall be left to another Typings...Meow...
Thursday MOS Kanye West Launch

NAdo and Charmes.

Tequila Moments!!!
Charmes and Elspeth and the huge Lemony smiles!
Random moments of Midnight CRAzies-elspeth/Gen
Friday Muay Thai
Beautiful boxer...THEN after....
Me/Lilian/Earn from surrender(ambush)
Carpark Goodbyes at 4am!!!
Saturday's ZOuk BAckyard BBQ
-free Carl's Junior, Tequila Shots and Beer Bonging!

Dj's Ritz/Nadtix/Noyz

Over and Exiting
PEAce and Carrots!!!!

ErialC aka Claire Jedrek


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