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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good by Idolness

Well, good bye to my flexibility in busy days are here yet again, like i've mentioned in the past when i'm free i'm sweet as hell FREE, now those days are scittity scattety GOne.......

1.Today gotta head to The Nokia N series filming at 8.15, hair makeup and start filming 11ish
2.At 3.30pm I gotta head down for a another photo shoot for some business thing...
3. Gotta rush to the Hair stylist and go for imaging for season 2 of Deal or No Deal, and getmy hair done so it's presentable on the show, meaning prollyhair dying and a hair cut....

Thursday is just as bad, filming for 14 days 9am call time till 1am, a long drawn out day....Meow!
Friday i'm hoping a rest day, but perhaps not, I might be workign yet again full day on my birthday! Well saturday i SKip to My Mary Loo off to Koh Phangan , so I shan't complain too early....

Okay gotta buzz off people...


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