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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The sun is bright down south

Being in France(because we couldn't get flights back to spore) has been an absolute blast , well perhaps for the fucking french keyboard which has certain letters swopped around, which is a pain to type with.

train and Glen picked us up and we had a 3 hour car ride to ANGER a small countryside village south of Paris. We spent 2nd January to 5th sightseeing and chilling in ANGER. i got to see the main attraction the huge ancient castle the same one my sister saw half a year ago.
Huge Church doors

Small doors

Castle draw bridge


Pub we ate in and in Didier's house with Glen

The country side

Finally we said our goodbyes to ANGER and took a 9hour train ride to Toulouse, almost the very end of France, where it was even warmer.
Going thru' the mountain
We were met up by Quentin in toulouse(my sisters bf) and he drove us 15mins to his house to stay the night where he briefed us to get up and leave by 6am to go to drive 3hours to the mountains where we were gonna snowboard for the first time and it would be Ken's first time seeing snow!
Us in the cable car up with our gear

View going up

the SKi slope we boarded down

ken&Quentin-sis bf and having a smoke break
having lunch onthe mountains

The surroundings

After we got back from, the mountains we headed into this HUGE 3-storey Cabin that Qunetin's uncle owns and 12 of us had a big dinner and played games, but by midnight we werre dead tired after snowboarding. It's so tiring and painful when you learnt to snowboard. I wacked my head,my knees, my tail bone, my palms and wrists, my butt cheeks and hips and elbows;Very Bruised indeed.

dinner party and the trap door

When we said our goodnights, the fun part was climbing under the kitchen bar counter into a trapdoor; This was the entry to our bedroom, whiwh was really cosy.The next morning we climbed out our windows and we had the most amazing view of the lake and mountains; It was breathtaking and tranquil at the same time so we took a while to let it sink in where we were.
We did some exploration of the place as well.We had great fun with 10 other people who were so easy to get along with, thank you somuch Quentin.

Fantastic view of Mountains and frozen lake

the window We clibed out of and our balcony.

The next morning we all went down to the lakje which was frozen over and some of Quentin friends who are qute the pranksters walked on the lake to fool around.So i did my fair share being me and took a picture with me nervously standing on the lake;
ERIALC to be continued.
our life in Toulouse......


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