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Sunday, January 14, 2007

In and about Toulouse 'The Pink City'

So after the snowboarding escapade in the mountains and cabin, I have been residing in a place called Pinsiguel in Toulouse with my sisters Bf, Quentin, his two cats and darling labrador 'Tess.We've been taking it easy and by my meaning, taking it easy is shopping, hahaha. Oh boy did we shop and for other people of course if not there will be Karma,for all Eternity!

Ken and I have been in the centre city of Toulouse, sitting in lil' French cafes sipping on our coffees and eating out of Boulangeries that tend to be inexpensive for a foot long sandwich.
The main square is as magnificant as it would have been back in the days and on sunny days especially with the country wide Major sales that it is on, the streets are bustling with people from, all walks of life.

On of the days while Quentin was at his classes and had dropped us in the city, Ken and I walked around buying things here and there and we finally managed to catch the beautiful Sundown on the city they call the 'PINK CITY'. Reason being that the buildings are reddish pink and the buildings are not to be painted some extreme colour. Also due to Napoleans's rule, streets are lined with big trees that give this magnificant feel of prestige going downthe roads.

On the days that we went shopping, i nearly bought a pair of D'squared Jeans for 220Euro(s$440)...nearly but i couldnt decide btwn that and a Moschino Jeans at 130Euro(s$260), because they were on sale at a boutique for like half price and they were absolutely gorgeuo┬ž!!! I'm glad i didn't because later on walking around town i walked in to this packed full of people shop called 'Jennyfer' which sold cheap clothes but even cheaper at 20-60% off jeans and tops. So instead i bought:
-4 jeans
- 2 working pants
-5 tops
-2 dresses (well i went again yesterday so adds to the list, whoops!Hee).So for me the quality of the jeans were pretty good so i snapped em' up because my Miss Sixty though it cost me $240 whiwh is ex for some, its the Only jeans i wear and for the last 2years ,so it makes sense. Unfortunately those are thinning from wear&tear and washing it too much(R.I.P)

Okay back to the Story, So we met Quentin after waiting awhile due to a jam and in our boredom started taking our silly double pictures again. Once we met we went for Sheesha. I have lots of other randoms throughout the week while we were travelling around in Q's Car.

Okay guys to be Continued with 'Incoherent FRench Admin' and 'Dress up B'days'
*you bet you wish u were*


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