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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today has been my first off day in about 3 weeks from from filming.
After about 2 months, we are about to wrap the new ch5 mini drama.
I've got a few other projects lined up , after a few auditions i went to and i can see it feeling somewhat weird not waking up at 5.30am to hit Mediacorp by 7am,
with a big red gym bag on my right arm full of items needed throughout a 12-15 hour shoot day and on my left arm a big clothes bag protector
for all my clothes for different episodes and scenes.

I've made some great if not better friends on set, some I already knew,
some I got to know.I think no matter how tired some of us got,
we always looked forward for the great company on the different locations,
not forgetting all the banter and antics!!!
I'm actually quite sad it is about to wrap, but at least we all know we gained a lot more out of
just being in a TV drama!

Besides that, I've managed to sneak in some time with my mum to hit China Town
for the weekly foot reflexology. I thought I'd share some photos of what I always pass by,
giving C-Town its flavour!

I haven't time to do anything but be home, and friends who don't need to be invited, chose to pop by when they are in town, so chilling and drinks at home, games on the Wii on the wall, running a muck at home with lots of Subway sandwiches.

Thanks to the homeboys M and G for dropping by the sets and chilling the hot hours with me,
bringing me food and drinks!!! I Love you guys!

Hmmm 2 weeks back, i attended the Passion Ball with M,Vi, G and his parents, that we all had looked forward to and I wore for the 2nd time the beautiful dress by Marissa,
that i wore in South Africa.
The ball it's self held in the Capella Hotel, was for a charity event, but it wasn't as a total Amazing. What made it slightly more interesting, were the other 40-year old Loopy Aussie women sitting at our table, whom got absolutely hammered by 11pm and were on the dance floor, doing some kind of River Dance/ Footloose/ HandBanging dance, grabbing random men to be savaged on the podium.

It was hilarious watching them fall off their seats, crawl out from UNDER the table and grab the bowl of roses back home! Unfortunately me and G, had some mysterious chest and tummy pains, so we all promptly left while the others all headed to Attica for some after party! I had work anyway the next day, so it was just as well!

Okay enough for this posting!!!!
Over and Out!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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