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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

oh sweet silence

Though its great being busy and filming Everyday, (including Saturday's and Sundays-not so much fun), it feels nice when you are alone and quiet and can sit,
click away at the computer.
I find it therapeutic, though it may not be to others!

Besides from the filming i'm concurrently being a Product Judge for Cleo Magazine.
I have to test products belonging to 62 Categories.
SO can you imagine what a job I have if each category has a minimum of 5 products
to a maximum of 12!!! By average that's something like almost 500 products-
in fact likely more I assure you. So in my free time I'm testing and writing about them in short.
But I guess the pay off is I get to keep every single one, which is actually quite insane!
I just realised how amazing it must be , being the editor of a magazine,
receiving all the materials and products! WOW!

Summer Cruising
Besides, that I been hanging with my hood rat boys and planning out our Summer trip to London, Scotland, Monaco and St.Tropez. Somewhere along those lines I really wanna see my sister, hopefully she can come meet us in aberdeen. she can fly to Edinburgh and take a train up to Aberdeen and we'll pick her up and then she'll come down in the car with us to London- HINT HINT, hee hee.

Here are some random pictures!

On Location:)

Duxton Hill super hero cat-On Location again:)

The Char Siew Pau that was so good, I ate the Paper too!

Mush-but i didn't start it!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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