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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

this Weeks Event's and dinners

We went to last minute 2 Car showcases last week- one for Maserati at their showroom next to zouk for the new Quattroporte- which was sightly dull but then what can you expect with a 4 door!

check out the video on their Website:

The other new Car show case was the RR4 - Rolls Royce. 200EX... which was a lot nicer but smaller than the usual, though Gorgeous in the Dark Blue sparkles and Cream/White interior.

But even better guess who we saw there?Look below!!!
it was NIGO! the dude who owns BAPE clothing line form Japan-
random as hell seeing him there! Of course G was the one who spotted him! ahahha.
gotta love my paparazzi skills!

Anyway after viewing the car with the boys, me, M and G went to impromptly eat at the Knolls restaurant in Capella which where the showcase was . Food was great, but they were obviously still combing thru' the problems and the waiters were sonervous n a Cute way la!
Check out the Capella if you can, its a beautiful hotel, but slightyly vast and alot of unused space!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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