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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just 2 weeks more..

My schedule has been crazy hectic and I have completely no rest days for the next 2 weeks,
filming sat's and sun's like this weekend! I've been at Evans's road swimming pool but now we are moving back to the usual locations. The weather has been slightly crazy and the sudden tropical stroms and insane lightening doesn't help in back logging of scenes!!
We are on a tight shift to get things complete and i feel more for the boys in this-
unfortunately I can't say more , till July!!!

One the side I've been rushing last minute to dinners and events that we have been invited to,
but besides those 1/2 moments, I've been out the house 6.30am-7pm daily and I've mostly no energy to go out and when i do, I usually hang around for an hour max!
thank god I have books and my trusty laptop and wifi -sometimes!

In the evenings I'm still testing out all those products for Cleo's product awards
and the only thing I find calming and therapeutic is chilling on the computer and surfing while lying the couch like NOW and watching Semi-Pro at the same time.

Okay enough of blahblahs, some pictures from a couple of weeks ago, friends i met randomly while out for dinner at Bellini Grande-yum yum!Also a quick drop into a friend Kai's B'day next door to my place and some behind the scenes!

Gerri(from my sec sch) and her bf.

Gerri and Kevin

Gerri, Alessia, Epa from HK

Kai's B'day at Emerald hill!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous r1ooooo said...

hapy easter claire =)

1:27 am  

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