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Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting on Track

Now that filming is done, I have other auditions lined up etc Sunday I just finished filming for a website character for a Hair Product, which was shot entirely on green screen and shall be quite interesting once it's out-once it's out the i'll tell you the website it's for but until then..... like the drama-Hush hush:)

Gah they are piling next door and the WHOLE house is shaking!

Well as mentioned i'm on track again for working out. The last 2 months I really had no time and when I did, I spent it on the couch, sleeping, trying out products for Cleo or with my mum! Which I think is quite justifying!

Last week I told my self once filming is done, I will go all out to exercise before I leave for overseas! I really wanna go away knowing I am fit and feeling great in case I don't have the chance to work out there! I've started out easy with 2 work outs last week which includes:

1)2 rounds of Emerald Hill on to main road and back round again -15minutes (warm-up)
2)1 set of 12 crunch sit-ups, 1 set of 12 side sit-ups
3)1 set of 16 lunges
4)1 set of 8 push-ups
5)1 set of 12 side leg lifts (holding on to a chair), 1 set of 12 back leg lifts

Today i upped the work out slightly...with all of above except now the
a) crunches and side sit-ups are 15 repetitions
b)after a minute break and sip of water I ran from the back of emerald hill road for about 80m fast, touched the kerb and ran back up as fast as possible

Then by the pool i did :
-8 more push ups
- 12 leg raises, each leg on all 4's
-12 more crunches, 12 more side crunches
In the pool:
-1 set each of 12 side leg raises and 12 back leg raises
-swam 10minutes against the current!!!

Now i'm Hungry!!!! ans a bit more tanner once again!Yike's need to slap on the UV cream!!!
Actually quite pooped now, but i love the feeling of exhaustion- it definitely makes you sleep better!!!! Okay NEXT post on Products tested!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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