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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekend suppression

Well, the weekend came and went almost regretedly, but in the sense that there could have always been more previous times spent well. But as with everything, it couldn't have been more perfect then the silent understandings.

Friday I hadn't meant to go out as I had filming for 14days from 7am-7pm. I was with Lilian(friend from UK) and Ian (who moved back to UK) by Ian's pool just having a drink and chilling, finally making my way home to sort some problems with my bike for the next days filming.
Somehow or another I ended up Zouk and I managed to get to see Lilian and Ian. I ended up till 3.30am, then watching France lose to Argentina in the WC Rugby, till like 5am.

Well with little sleep i was not long awake at 6.30am and out the house at 9am odd to the filming. Super long day with my moments of crashing, but I had to stay awake because there was Goldie from UK who was playing Drum and Bass at Home club. After filming I hit the club with Lilian and Ian , had a couple of drinks and waited and waited but the dude was taking so long we went off to Zouk to go party. It was Ian's last party night in Singapore, it was an occasion with incidences worth forgetting and others memorable with the usual suspects i'm beginning to be very familiar with!

Monday was spent going to Ian's other house way off in LimChuKang, completely secluded.
Was tranquil and beautiful.
Certainly something worth appreciating.
Built on and facing the sea, it must be the perfect getaway from the hectic trawlings of life in Singapore, when you get so caught up.
An Escape.

I guess a good place to be quiet, recharge and perhaps think.
I know I would, or rather did.
It was slightly drizzly.
I can imagine it on a hot, sunny day , with the rays of sunlight coming through the windows...
I could sit there in silence the whole day and stare out...
Next time.

I can't forget the cats. Yes i went a lil' excited at seeing so many cats and couldn't help going in the built away cage. I can't say garden, because really its like a clearing in the jungle with nothing or noone around. Cats are a terrible distraction for me.I took ALOT of pictures. Meow..

Well all gone and passed, sent Ian to the Airport Monday...that was something else though.

All I can is that Cheesecake, a black coffee and my book saved me...Meow.
ErialC aka Dory
*Strange&Beautiful...I'll put a Spell on You*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

claire!where did u get the pink shoes from?Uber Schweet,i like!

10:59 am  
Blogger ErialC said...

hmm they are'nt Pink AHAHHah sorrie everyone think sthey are. Theya re red, they were special editions from adidas's sleek edition. The base is actually white but the print of tiny flowers liek chinese design style are over and maybe it lokos pink because the red flowers are minimal. They were last piece, i love them too and wear em all the TIME!!!


1:33 pm  

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