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Monday, May 12, 2008

I wish I waited 5 minutes!!!

So right.. I was on my way out the house, go ton my bike and
it was slightly drizzling as I went out by the guard house.
I thought to myself, hey no problem,
I'll just have some splodges on my top and pants
but as I got further away along the winding roads out,
the rain came down fast and furious.
I actually felt like the rain was attacking my arm . It felt like mini bites.
I couldn't even see through my visor. So most miserable drenched to the core(shoes included)
I U-turned around and made my way back. I was REALLY annoyed because I now had to shower and I couldn't bother to go out and runmy errands. I got back in and then the rain stopped, 10minutes after I had first left the house.

SOoooo I've been online most of the day and came across some wicked things.
Check this the :UNO BIKE!
It's designed by 18-year-old Canadian Ben Gulak who spent some time developing the bike, which is controlled entirely by body movements. The bike has two wheels, side-by-side, and uses gyroscopic technology to stay upright. It moves in the direction the rider leans - and the more you lean, the faster you go.
How cool is that??????

The top speed on the current prototype is 25mph, but this could be increased with the use of a bigger motor.

The Uno weighs just 58kg and has a range of 2.5 hours once it is charged from the mains. Its main idea was to conter pollution and smog!!! Not sure how comfortable it is though!!!!

I'm also watching some streaming of Entourage. YES I know (for those who've watched it), I'm 2 seasons SLOW, but I gotta start somewhere since everyone seems to have already watched the 1st two seasons!!!
Heres a quick summary of what Entourage is. Unfortunately it ISN'T shown in Singapore but I do believe it will be soon on cable perhaps!

"the suddenly risen film star Vince Chase, of humble origins, learns the ropes of the business and high-profile world of the wealthy happy few in and around Hollywood. He brings from his native New York his atypical 'entourage', not glitterati or professionals but a close circle of friends since childhood, and his professional agent finds they often make his job harder as the Queens boys not only sponge on the star but also have his ear, so Vince is much harder to counsel."

Another show I'm absolutely ADDICTED to is GOSSIP GIRL (xoxo).
In all honest truth watching the 1st 2 episodes,
I was like BLEH , snore, just another OC,

but this amazing hot cast, it's WAY better.I managed to sit through another 2-3 episodes and I was hooked, Hot, steamy, SCANDALOUS, controversial,
oh I could go on.
We all love gossip no matter what we we receive it and this just takes gossip to another level.This just ain't for chicks, guys will love it too.

Character "Chuck Bass" played by Ed Westwick, is my favourite character.
He's the Bad boy of the group, as much as I do love the other males in it,
I don't go for the typical Pretty boys.
Though his character is based on the Uber rich American trust fund teenager
from New York's Upper East side,
he's all British and funnily speaking we caught him he other night on a 'bit' role in 'Breaking and Entering' where his accent was
VERY Cockney London. Meow....catch it if you can!!!!
He's also the lead singer of the band The Filthy Youth.
He's the one sitting down...

Peace and Juicy Carrots!!!!
Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Blogger ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

OMG I don't think I'd make it far on the uno bike. I'm thinking I'd go flying over the handle bars, but it is very cool too look at. :o)

9:52 pm  
Blogger Email: said...

hahahah well its supposed to be easy to ride after you getused to it. Works like the segway!!!

12:32 am  

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