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Monday, May 12, 2008

Random: Cab Conversations

I'm sure one time or another you've all had some weird, or interesting and maybe cringing conversations with our local taxi 'Uncles'.
I've had some of the funniest but this one was about religion and cyclones.
Obviously if you've been keeping up to date with the news, Myanmar was hit by cyclone Nargis on the 3rd of May with reports putting deaths up to 120,0000 people.
Cyclone Nargis
My taxi 'uncle' randomly started talking about it and his view was that because of the military interference and the killing of the monks who are representations of 'God', it was 'God's' way of cleansing the country of the evil regime because of the killings.

He then went on to talk about Singapore Mafia back in the 70's at some hotel that we were passing by... and how they had guns etc. Hahaha well i just sat and listened, because I wasn't allowed one breath in as he rattled on and didn't look at me once even when I thanked him and got out the cab.

I've had alot more interesting talks about the government and
they sure do have ALOT to say!!!!

Caire-Louise Jedrek

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