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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mellow saturdays.
dull headache. Was upto 7 amand slept till 4pm.
hmm was good , reunited with a soul, but hence a dull headache
hitting Zouk, first time in month, cuz i been hitting attica - no word from that Soul.hmmmm...
Well freinds Leon aka DJ Inquisitive and Fir DJ Noyz are spinning soe good beats , D and B, Electro and Breaks. Event called Localised!

I'm writing in short sentences, seems a lot easier!

Yeah tomorrow i have a Charity Shoot for HIV. At 4pm i have another Shoot at the SKatepark, a group shot for bikers, skateboarders and us aggresive inliners. Will be a good photo take and a lil bit funny i hope. Great photographer called jing. Very original. When he's done i'll post pics up. Good for memories!
Im fully back in to the swing of skating. Calms me, and i can Vent.

hmmany new pics, how BOut me in GLASSES, no glamour there!!!!!!!and my CAt monster, his usual habits while im on the COmp!

Peace out !
And have a great rest of th Weekend!!!

aka Claire-Louise Jedrek


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