GIRL-INTERRUPTED: My 1st Interview with "Heroes"


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

My 1st Interview with "Heroes"

Tomorrow is my Big day and I thnk no matter how hard you can practice or rehearse your lines, it comes down to that very moment when you meet the latest celebrities from the hit series "Heroes".

What have i got to do with them ?

Well I recently got my first hosting job for Nokia, where i will be showcasing the very best of their multimedia phones, to be exact the Nokia N Series. My outings will be filmed and shown via Podcasts and my 1st time doing this and its Hollywood Celebrities, so you can't blame me if i get the butterflies, hehe!

Tomorrow is a very early start, where i have to be for my 1st location for Hair and makeup at 7am , what am i still doing up??? aRgh yes i know. I'm going to sleep NoW! after this, ahahah. After that it's off to The Four Seasons where the press conferences are held. WIsh me luck and hope i don't trip up too much!

*Breathe in and out...*

Well here is a photo of yesterday's wake boarding guys, well some of them that i went with!

Okay i really should get going,

PEAce and Carrots..

ErialC aka Claire-Louise Jedrek


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