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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I don't need another Hiro(pte joke by the way)

So my 1st interview and filming session for a Podcast series that i will be hosting for Nokia, which will feature me interviewing or showing the different mobile phones from the N Series and whatthey can be used for!
Ofcourse when it's wrapped I will let you guys know the website and how you can download my podcasts for Nokia!
In the mean time, last Friday, 31st August:
5AM: Out of Bed
7AM: at the production house and having my make and hair done, not forgetting to change into the clothes we had borrowed from this shop in the Link called Ecclectic...
8AM: At the Four Seasons hotel and preparing my script, which I diligently memorised
9AM: Meet and Greet Press Conference, with a sneak into Season 2's episodes, phototaking and Lion dance.

10AM-12AM: Meet and interview the Heroes individually on a more personal basis by rotation.

2PM-6PM: shooting the rest of the clip in different locations

Was quite a long day as you could see and I had a good experience though I did briefly think couldnt my 1st time on a the job been wth some B'grade celebrity so I would atleast get the butterflies out of my stomach!!! BUt it all went well and I wasn't as star-struck as some reporters who I swear were interns or secret groupies.

They came armed with recorders, marker pens, posters and the excitement of a 12yr old after seeing Take that- well atleast that was what it was in my days, 13 years ago...hahaaha...

Here are some photos I took with them and other pictures of the PressConference. Enjoy!
Masi oka
Hiro Nakamura

Greg Grunberg
Matt Parkman
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Mohinder Suresh

Peace and carrots -

ErialC aka Claire-Louise jedrek


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