GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Vietnam Day 4: Tick tock tick Tock


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vietnam Day 4: Tick tock tick Tock

After having dinner at 8pm, we got word that we were to rise and shine
for hair and makeup at 3.30am! YoUZaH!!!
We needed to get as much sunlight as possible for the whole day filming
as we were to fly of the next day early in the morning!
As sun rose at 5.30am, we had to be ready so we could film till 5.30pm!
It was a long, hot day, but we made it through, thought at times it actually felt
like 5 pm when it was only 9am because we had been up all morning!!!

Breakfast we sat by the beach and sun-rise was absolutely mesmerising,
while munching down on our prepacked hotel breakfast!

On set 5.30am!

Private unused beach belonging to unopened resort!!!

Feet friends!

Jumps for Joy!


With Casey our makeup artist!

sundown at 5pm!!!!

The long day finally drew to a close for filming and i was feeling pretty lazy to head out for dinner but i managed to drag my ass out to the Lantern Festival in Hoi An Town and it was
bustling with life! We were so hungry we let the crew go ahead to walk around and we ate for about an hour and a half, at some road side stall, lit by a handful of lamps, making the surroundings and our dinner all the more sumptuous( as did it smell and taste heavenly)
by darkness and all the better we couldn't see what we were eating
and even more so what we were eating in..Yikes...
By almost 10pm we were totally floored by tiredness and took a quick squinty at the festival and made our way back to the hotel to pack our luggage...
i can't wait to makeit back to Vietnam in the near future hopefully!

Busy streets!


Full Moon!

Hansen choosing our dinner!

Tasty Beer!

Our chefs of the night!

Boat People

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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