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Friday, May 29, 2009


Next week I'm off to Vietnam, Danang beaches (click here).
For 1week in the sun, i'll be filming with a fellow Kosmic artist, Choy, on a French production.
I'll take some good pictures and hopefully the hotel has internet connection etc.

I'm staying at Victoria Hoi An Beach and Spa Resort and looking forward to being busy 24/7, being at the gym, sauna, swimming .Ofcourse it would have been a great getaway with the other half, alone, but ah well.....

other updates-
Caught Night at the Museum 2, just now, and it was pretty funny, especially with the Oscar the Grouch scene. Definitely lived up to part1, if not better! Other than that been sorting out a side business and with the familia.

My June getaway has been pushed to July, and i still haven't been to the new Butter. I live somewhat a sedentary life and hardly go out. Sleep is a waste of time and i cant wait for each new day to begin, to erase the recordings of the previous days so as not to dwell on them.

Well will ponder till i sleep, been some what tumultuous evening.


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