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Monday, June 08, 2009

Vietnam Town


So last Wednesday Choy and myself flew off midday to Vietnam. It was a 2 hour flight to Ho Chi Minh City and then 1-Hour to Danang and a half hour ride to Hoi An's Victoria Beach resort and Spa!

Of course, things never go totally according to plan and in between our transits we had an hour to spare. But by the time we handled our Visa and got out of the HCM airport it was 2.30pm, we ran with our luggage in hand across to the Domestic Airport. We were the last to check in and the guy at the counter was pacing up and down slowly taking his time to wayang around and he finally said," No need to check in-no time, no time!"

Me and Choy insisted but he said no need. So we get through, where people in Vietnam have no idea what a queue means, pushing and shoving is quite common! We then get onto bus to take us to the plane and of course we are stopped saying my luggage is to big, and having to explain what the man said.

I ended up leaving my luggage by the stair case into the plane and praying that it makes it to Hoi An, whilst standing in the pouring rain!!!
NIGHTMARE!!!I swear it was the amazing Race....

Anyway,we made it in one piece and got to the resort which was beautiful but cosy.Not too huge that you have to drag yourself to breakfast, the gym, to the pool, everything was within comfortable reach. I spent the rest of the evening
in my room chilling and on the internet with a nice long hot bath for 15 minutes!

Day 2:TO be Continued....

CLaire-Louise Jedrek

Leaving Sunny singapore!

The Old Pushy man and Swine FLu?!?!!?

Smallest most simple airport I've ever been!

On the way to Hoi An Beach and Spa Resort!

War bunkers?

The usual family Outing!

Old School Citreon Cars for Rental!

Hotel Room, to myself!!!!!

Late Lunch/Early Dinner by the hotel pool-YUM!

The random outing to a function hosted by Vietnamese Ministers and Ms.Vietnam

The Deja Vu cast!!!

With Leslit the main actress and Choy

With Ms.Vietnam & her sister, not sure what year?!?

Dinner V-style

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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