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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day vs F1

Yes its Sunday and Mother's Day and ordering flowers is such a difficulty because
EVERYone is doing it and everywhere is charging exuberant prices
because they've tripled the prices.
No I'm not a Cheapo but why not get double the amount of flowers a day after Mother's Day. It's the Thought that counts!!!!

Making Bangers and Mash for dins and in 5-10 minutes the Formula One in Turkey starts.
Some random trivia: The Turkey trick is 1 of 3 tracks that is driven anti-clockwise, the other 2 being Sao Paulo and YES SINGAPORE' track!!!!

And for drivers as they are usually driving round right corners, they develop a stronger right side of the neck , so for anti-clockwise tracks they will be turning alot to the left , where their necks aren't as strong and it will be more challenging because of the G-Force!

Pole positions for Qualifying was:
1.Felipe Massa
2.Heikki Kovalainen
3.Lewis Hamilton
4.Kimi Räikkönen
5.Robert Kubica
6.Mark Webber
7.Fernando Alonso

So far, Fisichella in the 1st Lap, ran in to Nakajima at the start and both are out of the race with carbon fibre bits all over th track...44 Laps out of 58 have been raced, so it's getting really Exciting with Massa and Hamilton battling it out in top 2 spots bettering each other nonstop with their best laps....Okay well another blogging later on the winners and hopefully some more drama!!!

In the mean time, went out to go look at fishing rods and tackles, weights etc, as next week a group of 10 of us are going deep sea fishing just outside of Singapore organised by the Marina One degree 15. I Haven't been before so i'm pretty excited about the overnight fishing.
In Singapore you always need to find new things to do , provided you can pull together a bit more funding.

But honestly, if people who earn an average amount a month spend hundreds on alcohol over the weekend, then they can definitely over-afford to go and rent a boat and buy the necessary!

If any of you have any other suggestions what other interesting things you can do in Singapore, PLEASE let me know!!! I'm running out of ideas each week!!!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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