GIRL-INTERRUPTED: Hes touching her Body???


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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hes touching her Body???

I must have not been reading as faithfully as I should
becuase when did Mariah get involved with NICK CANNON.
I mean it feels like he only left Nickleodeon like YESTERDAY.
I know he's 27 but all this Wild and Out makes me think he's 18 still!
Hmmmm, what a speedy marriage between them.
Comeon guys Is this for REAL??????
To me thats as weird as Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman
which lasted all of 5 seconds!
Please say this ain't some weird stunt!

Claire-Louise Jedrek

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found it hard to believe too, Nick Cannon and M-Carey? damn, didnt see that coming at all..
Yea its mostly updates with projects and stuff, but i try to squeeze in some ramblings everytime i update :)

thanks for dropping too :)
i think i've met you before, at Good Vibrations.. you were with Kenneth. yup..


6:15 pm  
Anonymous bishan-kiddo said...

I've really got no comments bout this article.

But i guess, love is blind?

or is it kinda like 'puppy-love' whom Carmen Electra soon found out that Rodman is just isn't her type.

How old is Maria Carey by the way? If Cannon is 27, i think Maria should be much older ain't she. Whilst this said, if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher can get along well baring in mind the 'age isn't a barrier' thing then, both of them might just make it. I don't know...i ain't a guru. haa.

8:07 pm  

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