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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Chuck your Body at the Rail" Therapy

Oh, sweet exhaustion, and aches and PAINs, and bruises and lumps and..and..and....
I hit the Bishan Pool for a couple of laps and if you ever go on a weekday, its either:

1)Empty and devoid of Kids pissing in the pool>whoop-de-doo


2) All male swimmers or suntanners, with 1 sole female tanning/swimming

Ofourse you will always get that ONE perv, but its the old ones that give me the Irks, the young ones perv secretly, hhahah, well this 40 plus old dude trys to start chatting me up while im stretching before my laps, so im like giving one word answers then i kinda make a splash for it and he backs off... Brrrrrrr...YIKEs.

Beautiful sundown on the skatepark.

Okay so SKATEPARK, i have NOT been to the SKATEpark since LAST YEAR. i been past the park so many times this week, and online my old friend Aaron was still up and i ask him.."Eh go skate tomorrow" and he's FREE!!!! YEs and CLaire Scores!!!!

I'm telling you guys, when ALL ELSE FAILs, go THROW yourself on, against, over a Rail. It'll make you feel so f$%^ing good. Exhilaration at its best. 11years on and nothing bests the adrenaline rush of riding those quarter pipes, hearing the metallic clinking of skates on the rails and that lovely sound when u lock your boot on the Box.

I skated from 5pm till 10pm, dragged myself into the MRT and somehow made it home!

AAron messing with his cam
The great thing is that P/Lewis makes an appearence, little did i know Aaron called him and Brian, and 2 other dudes come later in the evening, so lots of talk and entertainment!!! I'm telling you, i have not felt so battered up in a long time, oh wait, no.... hahaah i made a mistake i was battered up not too long ago kindly over the arms, but I didnt do it to myself, this time I don't have to hide these bruises, anyway, I came home and INHALED some leftover dinner!

P in the twighlight looking whacked out!

This feeling is so satisfying, but Iknow how much i'm gonna suffer tomorrow! I can't WAit..

Hmmm...Now for a cheese sandwich, move away people, i'm coming through!

PEAce and Carrots



Claire-Louise Jedrek


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